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Pine Nuts, aka Piney to his buddies, was a curious little guy and always hungry!

He’d roam from tree to tree, spying on backyards, front yards, scrounging for anything to eat.   If he was lucky some would scatter peanuts for the Jays, others would leave seeds for the birds. 
Times were tough though and he needed a break!

Then one day he could smell something he’d never smelt before!  He followed his little nose and noticed a Downy Woodpecker chowing on something inside a long, beautiful white branch. But what was it!?   He HAD to climb that tree to get a closer look!  When the birds finally left, he jumped on it like he’d never jumped before!  Wow-Wee!  It tasted SO good!  Like something in Peanut Heaven!    

Next day he saw what looked like Woody the Woodpecker gobbling at it like there was no tomorrow!  Woody gave Piney a stare and flexed his wings “Back Off Little Squirrel!”, then poor little Piney ran away.   

Next day a nice guy made Piney a tiny wooden chair on a tree trunk, even placed some peanuts on it for him to eat!  Piney sure misses that thing they call Fly-In Feeder but at least he’s now got some nuts!