Growing up in Melbourne, Australia, I always had a passion for nature and wildlife, especially birds. As a young man, I travelled around Europe, met my Canadian wife, and for the last 28 years have lived by prairies and lakes in beautiful Winnipeg, Canada.

About 3 years ago, a neighbour gifted us a piece of birch, containing holes along with a simple suet recipe. I hung it up and initially thought it was interesting, but then over time I became increasingly intrigued by the number and variety of birds! 

On warmer Fall and Spring days we’d sit in our yard and watch various sparrows, finches and woodpeckers. In winter we’d gaze from inside as chickadees and nuthatches would feed on the suet, giving them much-needed energy on brutally cold days.   

I became fascinated by all the birds sharing the feeder; birds surrounded by Fall leaves and vibrant blue skies, the blinding white of winter with snow-covered branches and the comical attempts of many squirrels to lunge at the feeder!  

It was then that the Fly-In Feeder idea was born! 

Now, with the help of my 2 adult children we’ve developed a second feeder, a nutritious blend of suet and will continue to offer our feeders for all to enjoy!