frequently asked questions

Find everything you need to know about our feeders and the bird tucker. If there is anything else you need to know, please contact us for more information.

How do I set up my feeder?

FLY-IN FEEDER: place the feeder either high or low on a tree branch, metal bracket or any suitable outdoor environment.  For higher areas, use a ladder and attach a bungee cord from a branch to the feeder wire, long enough so the base of the feeder can be reached by hand.

the Silver Nugget is a perfect choice for a gable roof overhang, allowing a very close-up view of birds through a window or glass door, only meters away!  It can also be hung over a porch, patio, condo deck balcony or an outdoor environment with no trees or green space.

What types of branches are used in making the feeders?

Birch is my preferred type of branch because it’s a highly dense hardwood and won’t crack or decay over time.  Birch branches are also strong, sturdy and an ideal thickness for the feeders. Both the white papery bark of the White Birch or the striking, slivery grey of the Silver Birch will provide a beautiful setting for your home or cottage! I have also used the beautiful, dark Cherry Oak branch with dark grain, copper and bronze coloured branch, covered with dark bark.     

What is used to hang the feeders?

Both feeders are hung using a thin but very strong and durable 20 gauge wire, which will never break. Unlike a string, the Fly-In Feeder wire will stay erect so you can easily remove and replace the feeder after refilling the suet.

Are there added perches on the feeders?

Branches that contain natural, existing perches are primarily selected.  Wooden dowels are strategically added to branches if required, allowing birds to ‘be seated’ while dining! 

How do you deter squirrels?

Squirrels enjoy the suet as much as the birds and will gobble it down in a flash!   When initially hanging the feeder, place it at least 2’ from the trunk or other branches. A bungee cord or hanging bracket works well, as it adds distance and will ensure the angry squirrels won’t have a nuts chance of reaching the feeder!

What’s this Bird Tucker?

Tucker is an Australian slang for ‘food’, and being an Australian I decided to bring the tasty word to Canada!  My Bird Tucker contains peanut butter, natural lard, cornmeal, natural oats and flour.  Birds will also enjoy optional ingredients such as dried fruits, chopped nuts and birdseed.  Sure, birds like seeds but they’ll LOVE their Bird Tucker! 

Where should I store the tucker?

Storing the tucker at room temperature will cause it to soften and create a mess. Keeping it refrigerated will keep it thick and be a lot easier to use.  The recipe is displayed on the rear label of the Bird Tucker container. 

Where are the bird feeders and bird tucker sold?

Currently, they are sold by directly contacting me via the website and orders can be picked up at my home; centrally located in the Norwood Flats area of Winnipeg.  My plan is to sell my products via display booths at various craft shows both in Winnipeg and cottage area locations.  My calendar will highlight any upcoming scheduled events.

Some of those photos are amazing! Did you take them all?

The standout photos that appear on my web pages and in my gallery were taken by Ethan Holmes.  Ethan is a young man from the neighborhood and an amazing wildlife photographer, with a keen interest in birds!  More of his work can be found on Instagram @ethan_holmesphotography.  If you have any further questions about his photos feel free to email him at